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Society of Boys' Centres

Key Services and Programmes

Volunteer Pilot

The “Volunteer Pilot” team is a part of Volunteers Development Scheme of our Centre. Each team member has to undergo training before being allowed actual volunteer work. Training includes learning interpersonal skills, leadership skills, magic tricks and various performances. Volunteer work at different service units are arranged for those who have completed the training programme. The aim of this scheme is to develop a spirit of benevolence and a sense of social responsibility.

Special Talent Development Scheme

This scheme focuses on extra-curriculum potential such as sports and arts. Service users with potential talents are provided training by a professional in the relevant field and encouraged to take part in open competitions to gain experience. Activities under this scheme include dance, band music, football, lion dancing and many others.

“I Can Fly” Graduate Support Programme

The graduate support programme is a service provided for service users who have successfully graduated or left school. Its purpose is to help them adapt to mainstream school life and providing the necessary support if required. Through this programme, we keep in regular contact with the graduates and their outside responsible social workers to remain updated on the ex-service users’ current situation. Alumni activities and gatherings are constantly often organized.

5-S Principles and Training

5-S® management system is implemented to organize and manage the Centre’s facilities and equipment. We also educate all service users and personnel on the management system and require them to practise the 5-S principles, namely Structurise, Systematise, Sanitise, Standardise and Self-discipline, at all times.

Short-term Modification Programme and Residential Supportive Service

Service users who receive the service of short-term modification programme may retain the school places of their original mainstream school. Our Centre will provide residential support service for them. They may return to their original mainstream school, after significant improvement in their problems has been made, in the period of 6-12 months.

“Happy Families” – Family Support Service

We regularly organize activities for families to participate in. Meetings are also held regularly for parents to come together and discuss parenting issues.